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Organic Petroleum-Free Jelly 2.5 OZ


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✲ Pact accepted

Clean and drop off at your nearest Pact collection bin

Why can't it be recycled curbside?

Its material is not recyclable through most curbside programs in this format



If you do not have access to a nearby Pact bin, we encourage you to send in your empties through the Sky Organics Pact Mail-Back Collection Program.

Simply mail in up to 10 Sky Organics or other Pact-approved beauty products and Pact Collective will break them down responsibly to ensure they do not end up in a landfill. Visit:

Find a Pact bin near you

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Join Sky Organics and help keep unnecessary packaging out of landfills by recycling responsibly.

While we recognize that recycling isn't the only solution, it plays a vital role in reducing excess waste. Each time you recycle, you're cutting down the demand for new materials, saving electricity during production, and reducing the environmental impact of global transportation. Every small action counts!

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